And this person is?

I like poetry- in all parts of life.


Welcome to Happy As A Clam! My name is Minda, and I am a recent transplant to Durham, North Carolina. I was a life-long resident of Central Kentucky and love it dearly. I started this blog as an exercise in contentment and a New Year’s resolution in January. As many resolutions do, the blog fizzled, but here it is reinaugurated as a place for me to think through this new home. My husband John and I moved to Durham so he can attend seminary at Duke Divinity School. We have already seen a lot of great places, tasted some wonderful food (Did I mention that Durham is a town for foodies?), and been introduced to so many kind people, and I want to document our time here. Also, did I mention that this whole business started so I could learn to be thankful? That is part of the title; it is a silly cliche of a phrase, but I find it to be a platitude I often repeat. Depending on the day it could be a mantra or a description. This is a blessed life that I lead, and I somehow often in the heat of the moment tend to forget it. Framing my life on the written page wakes me up to what I would be missing if I trudge through the day without reflecting- it reminds me that I am a girl so lucky to be married to my best friend, allowed to pursue things I love, and surrounded by such wondrous people, places, and things. Plus, I have some time on my hands these days. I left my job teaching high school English when we moved and am still searching for a new thing here in Durham, so I am in a place to take on some commitments; it should keep me on my toes. Thanks for coming along.


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