Three Years!

I like that we are pretty much not newlyweds anymore, I like that we are better because of hard things that have happened, I like that we moved to a brand new place and it is our brand new life together, I like that our inside jokes can only get more complicated from here on, I like that you write me letters on special days instead of cards, I like that a friend once told me that we have the best stories because I like thinking we are main characters together, I like that we laugh a lot, that we are just simpatico if you know what I mean, and I particularly like that I was able to find multiple pictures of me being dipped by you on dance floors.


Cheers to year four and on and on; I am oh so looking forward to them all.



3 thoughts on “Three Years!

  1. Pam Zambenini says:

    I LOVE this post! Happy Anniversary my sweet children! I love you both.

  2. Bob and Joyce says:

    Happy, Happy, Happy Anniversary. Love, Grandma and Grampa

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