Monthly Archives: January 2012

So it is a new year…

Whatever it is you think about resolutions, I like the idea of a clean start.I have my entire remembered life been in school or teaching school, and I relish the transition from year to year with a break in the middle. It is good for a human to feel an end and a beginning again. So it is a new year, and I resolve to try to do a few things, to make this beginning a good one, a renewed one. Here are the three:




#1: If you are a “good” flosser who avoids the passive aggressive jibes of your dentist, please hold your comments. Of course it is good for me, of course I should have been doing it all along, and of course I haven’t, so resolve henceforth.

#2. That is where this here blog comes into play. I find that if I can make myself stop and think, I usually create some kind of wonder in my head. In my opinion, there is too much reality and too little wonder in the world these days, and so I hope to refocus on the memorable by posting each day about a thought, a happening, or an observation.

#3. I teach English, so I have to read each day, but often the new, interesting, thought-provoking, and stretching doesn’t find its way onto my reading lists. So I embrace them, I commit to them, I put down my silly occupations that eat up this five minutes and that 10 minutes and instead, read them.

Cheers to the new year and bon voyage!