Chasing the Sun

Saturday we had been promised a day of sun and surreal winter warmth, and it came. I watched it break through grey skies and push out loam into clear, holy ghost blue. It was an ideal day with ideal activities. Bakery, boutiques, laughter, good food, best of all reveling in it all outside with sun on my limbs- bare arms, head tilted up to paint it over my face.


Today I took off for a small walk. A few minutes just to be outside, feel the air and move my legs. I am on my feet most of the day, but there is something different about walking around inside and actually donning a coat and letting the outside meet me for a few brief moments. Darkness seems to sweep in quickly when I get home. I feel like I have hours and then with the slip of an hour, night has fallen and the day seems done. Sure this and that will get done, but the day starts to leak to done, and truth be told I go with it. Today I was adamant that I would catch the sun before it set, and I set out for a few moments. A few moments out into the cold, and I realized something was setting my course. I set off in no direction in particular, I thought, but then realized I was literally chasing after the sun. I tracked shadows on the ground and spied the light slowly falling below buildings in the west. Here I was a grown woman chasing the sun; I just wanted to feel it on my face for a little bit. First I felt silly and then I felt proud. I can admit that in my life I am often doing things that literally sound naive but smack of poetry in the moment.


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